It is the start of a new year and almost everyone has a new year resolution. Statistics show that only 10% of people actually stick with their new year resolutions. Now that’s just disappointing. My goal today is to speak life into anyone who is confused on where to start! You have to be disciplined and really want to hit your goals. I realize that can be hard. That is why I am here 🙂

  • IF YOU FAIL TO PLAN, YOU PLAN TO FAIL. It may seem cliche, but it is so true. Be practical and realistic with your goals. If you want to build more defined arms, what will you actually do to get that definition? Make a clear plan, grab a journal, and write out your weekly schedule.
  • The biggest mistake a lot of people (including myself) make when attempting to achieve a goal is not having a plan. I’ve hear women say ” Yea, I’ve been trying to loose my stomach and keep my butt” But when I ask them how they have been “trying” the answer seems to be all over the place. The plan needs to be clear. If you know you work your second job on Tuesdays and you have a thousand other responsibilities; maybe Tuesday should be your rest day. Your goal shouldn’t be lift everyday… (see where I am going with this)
  • Think about the actions it take to become fit and healthy. Healthy eating habits and exercising are two actions. Plan your workouts 3-5 days out the week and your meals. (definitely your meals)


  • People always tend to tell me I am a great accountability partner, but to me it is such a lifestyle that it comes naturally. I enjoy the gym and if I can encourage anyone to live a healthy life then I did my job. My friends and I tag each other on social media to hold one another accountable and it really helps on the days you don’t have the motivation. Motivation wears off, discipline is a lifestyle. I have 3 different workout groups and they will call me OUT if they do not see me in the gym. (Usually I just forgot to tag everyone)


  • Don’t keep your resolution a secret. Tell friends and family members who will be there to support your resolve to change yourself for the better or improve your health. 


  • Keep track of each small success. Short-term goals are easier to keep, and each small accomplishment will help keep you motivated and wanting more. Instead of focusing on losing 30 pounds, focus on losing the first five. Trust me you will love looking at yourself in the mirror and then looking at a old picture like “girl I think my butt getting big” (that is a nelly- hot in here reference I hope yall got it *rolls eyes*) lol


  • Everyone slips up! Everyone! & I’m here to tell you the best thing you can do is get back on track. Crying over your slip up won’t get you any further towards your goals baby! Accept it and KEEP PUSHING!!!


5 Mistakes I Made Starting My Fitness Journey

I was have always been active, from praise dancing in a church to cheer leading throughout most of college. I didn’t start taking my fitness journey to another level until I had to do it solely for myself. I was in graduate school with a gym downstairs in my apartment. I had access to barbells, treadmills and some crusty old equipment. There was a gym at my graduate school that the 76er’s would practice at, but it was up the road and unless I was doing a circuit class I didn’t really feel like walking up the road. Over the years I have definitely learn a lot about the in’s and outs of fitness.

  1. The Need for Supplements

Your body is your body. You don’t NEED to use protein shakes, you don’t NEED to take a pre-workout or amino acids. They are completely optional, you can just eat chicken breast or tofu if you are vegan and meet your daily nutritional goals . A perfectly balanced diet will suffice. Its not necessary to spend money on supplements. Your body has survived without them for years. I started off using whey protein almost after each work out, until I switched to more of a plant based diet and I realized a immediate change. Whey protein left me bloated, gassy and everything else (which is common). When I started using plant based protein sparingly I never had those side effects. Remember it is OPTIONAL. Do not feel the need to use anything at all.

2) Remember to Listen to Your Body

Rest is extremely important. “Rest allows your muscles to rebuild and grow. And when you have more muscle, you’ll burn more calories at rest. That’s because muscle burns more energy than fat. Additionally, when you feel refreshed, you’ll be more likely to stick to your exercise routine. ” There is no point of going to workout and doing so with horrible form and half a*& reps. When I work night shift, I do not typically have a routine because depending on the way my body feels, I may not be able to follow through. & I am not hard on myself about it as long as I keep my eating habits in order. I will not force myself to workout after 3 hours of sleep ( I sucks at sleeping during the day for night shift). Get you some rest and try again.

3) Don’t be a Cardio Bunny like ME

Yep starting off I believed I needed to run my little heart out to be fit. I still had very balanced eating habits. I ran off all my shape too LOL. I looked like a stick with nice arms. When I say cardio I mean at least 3-5 miles a day with no strength training… Sometimes 2-3 times in a day if I was stressed from school. Oh yeaaa I was tiny! Find your balance between strength training and cardio.


This basically means LIFTING TOO MUCH TOO SOON. I almost injured myself by thinking I could lift more than I actually could handle. Do not do this. Be gradually when lifting for your first set. If you feel like it is not challenging enough then you are fine to increase your weight as long as you have proper form!

5) No Goal Setting

I went into this fitness journey like “Yea I want to be fit because I’m too short to be fat” That is not how to do things. I was all over the place until I had a goal. Instead of saying I want to gain a little weight (I was 98 lbs when I first started) I said “I want to gain 6 lbs of muscle” & with hard work and dedication I did and I have maintained the same build (with a few modifications depending on what workouts I am doing) until this day.

I hope this post helps someone along their journey no matter where they are at. Until next time PEACE ❤ AND LIGHT 🙂

The “Magic Pill”

It’s that type of year when we look over to the left and someone is coughing uncontrollably” . We don’t mean to, but we cringe. We may even start talking to ourselves saying “So they just going cough and sneeze in their hand and touch ERRRBODY” “REALLY? No hand sanitizer or nothing” Yall don’t sit here and judge me! I know you have said it to yourself before LOL. It does not have to be that exact scenario and someone could be doing all the right steps to make sure they are being health conscious. That doesn’t stop germs from spreading unfortunately.

Being physically activity has so many benefits as I am sure you are aware of. When it comes to getting a cold my body in particular can really take a beating. I work odd hours on a rotating shift and although I work out with a balanced diet, I am not immune to sickness. I thought I would share something that has help me maintain my health this last year. Let me first explain how and why I chose this product.

As I have gotten older I realized I do not like taking medication to take care of every little imbalance I feel. In addition as a graduate of Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, I learned more about the importance of over all health.

” One of the keys to this field (Osteopathic Medicine) is the idea that many diseases are due to, or cause, problems within the body’s musculoskeletal system, which includes the nerves, muscles, and bones. DOs (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine) pay extra attention to how all your body parts work together in order to prevent or treat health issues…”

That is when a more holistic approach comes into play. I rather go for a run and take a shot of turmeric, cayenne pepper, apple cider vinegar and honey to cure a hang over than take Advil. I say this to say if anyone works in a office they know how easily germs or spread. Using wipes to wipe down your office belongings only goes so far. You have to take care of your insides and be proactive about it. Last year when I started becoming short of breath, needing to use my nebulizer ( breathing treatment) before work, too weak to workout and starting having symptoms of the Flu after I felt like I had be cautious about everything…I HAD ENOUGH. A multivitamin was not enough to keep my immune system strong. I did some research into dietary supplements and I struck GOLD!

Wellness Formula Herbal Defense Complex. BABY let me tell you. This is some great stuff. You take it during your first signs of imbalance in your body. You can take up to 6 capsules every 3 hours. I only take 3 a day if I am feeling off. It contains powerful combination of herbs, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to boost your immune system. Like I said I can vouch for this product. I start feeling better within the next 12 hours. The reviews are what really got me into buying it they are amazing. I went to Whole Foods and purchased my bottle. I’m going to list some the ingredenits and the benefits below:

Garlic Bulb: used to reduce the risk of heart disease by lowering levels of blood fats and cholesterol (a type of blood fat). The antibiotic and antiviral properties of garlic mean that it is also used to fight colds, sinusitis and other respiratory infections

Propolis Extract: Activity against bacteria, viruses, and fungi

Echinacea purpurea: Fights the flu, helps control blood sugar, aids healthy cell growth, helps manage anxiety, lower blood pressure and reduces inflammation.

5 Small Steps That Lead to a Healthier YOU

There are a lot of people that have no clue where to start when it comes to being healthy. They become so overwhelmed with advice of others that they tend to shut down and never make one step towards their goal. Changing your lifestyle can be intimidating you and people around you. I remember in graduate school I would do 1-2 weeks of no meat almost every month. I got a lot of “Girl really??” “Why would you do that??” “For what..couldn’t be me” As you can image it can start to get annoying. LIKEEE LET ME DO ME!! TUH *ROLLS EYES* THANK YOU! lol baby steps can get you started on your journey so that you do not feel the pressure of doing everything cold turkey. I’m here to help so let’s dive in!!

  1. Stop drinking your calories– Cut out the sugar-sweetened soda, lattes, juices, etc. I always tell my friends coffee has one purpose and that is to keep you alert. It should not be consumed as a dessert (white chocolate mocha, Iced Caramel Cloud Macchiato and Iced Dirty Chai Latte 🙂 Think about how many calories you could save yourself by not drinking all that foolishness. AND DO NOT ACT LIKE YOU DON’T SEE IT! IT SAYS IT RIGHT THERE ON THE SCREEN FOR THE STARBUCKS AND DUNKIN DOUNTS LOVERS LOL
  2. Wash your hands often– We know it’s cold and flu season. Protect yourself against infections. Scrub with soap and water. Infections make it harder for your body to fully function at 100%
  3. Eat you a healthy breakfast– Eat some fruit and some steel cut oats! Fuel you body with nutrients not junk!
  4. Start by committing to 15 mins of exercise a day– Take a walk around the neighborhood or walk around your building at work. It is a great start to get you mentally prepared to be healthier.
  5. Focus on staying healthy with your eating even on the weekend– Once you get in the habit you will be less inclined to use your weekend as excuses to go crazy with mimosas and pizza lol

Holiday Healthy Eating Tips

OKAYYYYY! So lets be real as always. The holidays are coming up and nobody is trying to be on a strict diet! I’m here to tell you…BABY GIRL (B.SIMONE VOICE FOR THOSE WHO FOLLOW HER ON INSTAGRAM) YOU DON’T HAVE TO. It is okay to let the clean eating go for one day, but you must have the discipline to get back on track afterward my loves. Remember why you started in the first place. Eating 4 day old left overs will not cut it either sis. I am sorry lol. There has to be some type of accountability.

What do you usually do Crys? Well I’m glad you asked. I usually do a hard run first thing in the morning on Thanksgiving morning/ or indoor workout on Christmas morning. “Ew Crys, why would you want to do that?” The response to that is…It puts my body and mind into a state that doesn’t make me feel guilty for over indulging. Some people may not see it as a big deal, but I know exactly what’s going down on the holidays. I always feel better if I know I burned some calories or even got in a good sweat before I bust down my plate okayyy!! It’s more so mental for me… because HONESTLY the calories I burn will be put right back on with the food I eat( You can’t out work a bad diet). To close this piece what I CAN say is that I am usually more cautious of what I DO eat if I worked out. Again this all JUST me & my opinion and my feelings! Feel free to bust down your plates without a workout and enjoy the moment.

Now for the tips!!!


I still do not understand why people do this. Oh yea saving “room for dinner” NO people NO. This is only going to lead to you overeating. Even if you make a smoothie or eat some fruit or veggies through out the day… DO THAT.


Attempt to find some type of vegetable. I know as a African American woman my best bet is going to be collard greens or green beans (possibly). I wish my family ate brussel sprouts 😦 but I’m thinking of making them this year. EAT YOUR VEGGIES FIRST! I know its hard but, vegetables are high in fiber and nutrients. You need all of that lol


Eat until you are satisfied not until you are full. This sounds simple, but it’s not for most people. You do not have to fill your whole plate and devour everything at once. CALM DOWN lol. Take break, walk around, go play cards SOMETHING. It’s okay for come back in 30 mins if you are hungry. It will be way more enjoyable that way.


Nice and slow…eyes closed if you really want lol. Take your time with your food. DO NOT. I REPEAT..DO NOT VACUUM EAT YOUR FOOD. Studies show that it takes 25+ minutes for your brain to get the signal that you are actually full. We have all been there, we smell the mac and cheese, the mash sweet potatoes, the greens with the turkey neck, the glazed ham (yuck) OR roasted turkey (yay) and our eyes get big as the iphone big eye emoji! PACE YOURSELF DARLING


Make sure you are balancing out any type of liquor or fruity punches/lemonades with water. That is all I have to really say about that.


Once the food hits you and you sit down… If you start dozing off..RESIST IT!!! Get up grab the kids, your cousin, your mom or dad WHOMEVER and go for a walk around the neighbor for 15 mins. A quick walk can stabilize blood sugar and ease digestion (bring a bottle of water).

Well those are all the holiday tips that I have! Enjoy your holidays, Eat well and stay hydrated!! Peace, love and light ❤

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Benefits of a workout partner

Sometimes we get stuck in a rut of “just not feeling like it” It’s life, but the most important thing to have is discipline! Discipline will keep you on track with your healthy lifestyle when all else fails.
I’m blessed to have people in my life that know how my energy usually flows. So when I’m off…PEOPLE NOTICE. The benefit of having people who notice that and take the time out to address it is beautiful. Having a workout partner or mentor to put fire up under you is a must.
You can let them run the show or you can put your twist on something’s that you like to do. It doesn’t matter just have a partner and get the body moving!! Take your time and focus on feeling the contractions of each muscle. SLOW AND CONTROLLED! Below I found and posted some great reasons to have a workout partner!!

10 Benefits of Having a Good Workout Buddy
Help you achieve your fitness goals. … 
Working out becomes fun. … 
Easier to try new workouts. … 
Keeps your form on point. … 
Competition makes you perform better. … 
Motivates and supports you. … 
Keeps your ego in check. … 
Makes your workouts safer

You can start at your own pace with your partner just get it done…this post is dedicated to my good friend Terrance Wilkins @terrance.wilkins on Instagram!!! Thank you again for pushing me to get out and get back!
I’ve been having the worst trouble posting the video but I may attempt to add it to my YouTube channel!!


It’s been a minute. I had a wedding in Cancun, Mexico and a 29th birthday. So many things I have happened and I don’t even know what to say or what to write. I didn’t plan on writing anything honestly. My mind has legit been all over the place. It’s hard to stay focused in the summer no matter what. I’ll just say maybe next summer will be “it”

The cookouts, the tacos, the drinks on the rooftops, (did I mention the tacos). I realized even though I slacked in the gym that I still maintained my physic by eating SOMEWHAT properly. Now don’t get me wrong, I didn’t go to Mexico and eat like I usually do. I DID HOWEVER, indulge in a lot of fruit, natural fruit juices (which was very refreshing), and veggies with my meals (I HAD A LOT OF FOOD LOL). I did my best to stay consistent with eating some type of protein that wasn’t slathered in any type of high calorie sauce lol. Chicken and shrimp were my staples. The great thing about this bride and groom is that they had us all working out as a group about 3 times on the vacation. So even with the alcohol we were indulging in, we stayed hydrated and we got a good sweat in. Balance is so important! I also realized on this trip that tequila is the best alcohol for me personally, two drinks and I’m fine for the night….ADDED BONUS….NO HANGOVER!!! I basically wake up like nothing ever phased me. Some people from the wedding were like “Crystal, how do you have this much energy WTH???” Ha! I don’t know why I am just now realizing this. I actually took time to think and I noticed see a lot of fitness lovers that do drink will have tequila if they go out. So I researched and I found that most sources state tequila is the cleanest and healthiest alcohol. So I think I found my match!!! PEACE ❤ AND LIGHT

I’m working on some personal goals that I hope to share really soon!!! Stay tuned!!

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